Welcome to Atol-Consult

Atol Consult Nigeria Limited serves as your trusted partner, assisting both Nigerians in the diaspora and foreigners in meticulously planning and seamlessly managing their holiday or business trips within Nigeria. From the moment of your arrival at the airport to your departure, we handle every aspect of your visit with precision and care.

Our comprehensive services include airport pickup, hotel bookings, and the provision of security personnel to ensure your safety throughout your stay. We tailor your experience to align with your budgetary requirements, offering services such as flight ticket bookings, airport drop-offs, and round-the-clock security protection by trained professionals. Additionally, Atol Consult extends its support to those needing assistance with repatriating the remains of their loved ones, managing all necessary arrangements from the airport to the final resting place.

Atol Consult, registered in Nigeria in May 2023, has rapidly established itself as a leading provider of travel solutions and security services. Leveraging our extensive network of qualified agents on the ground, we meticulously survey and rate holiday facilities across the country. This enables us to offer expert guidance and recommendations, ensuring that our clients make informed decisions for their stay in Nigeria. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement drives us to set new standards in the industry, providing peace of mind and unparalleled convenience to travelers

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